Rapid Transform and Its Application Multimedia Teleeducation Courseware

J.Turán - K.Fazekas* - L.Ovsenˇk - M.K”vesi - L.K”vesi

Department of Electronics and Multimedia
Technical University of Budapest
Park Komensk‚ho 13
04021 Kosice
Tel./Fax: +421 95 6335692
E-mail: jturan@ccsun.tuke.sk

* Department of Microwave Telecommunication
Telecommunications Technical University of Kosice
Goldmann T(r 3
111 Budapest- Hungary
Tel./Fax: +36 12 0432892
E-mail: FAZEKAS@nov.mht.bme.hu


A modern teleeducations must be thought of in terms of networked organisation. Co-operative teleworking enables a group of distant participants to jointly view, discuss, and edit multimedia documents while at the same time using communication and computing resource. As a particular application a teleeducation course: Rapid Transform and Its Application (RT&IA) in the area DSP was developed in the COPERNICUS 1529 project. This course is an interactive multimedia course based on use of multimedia document and visual simulations programme package for teleeducation purposes. The basic organisation of the course consist from three parts: 1. Theoretical Part, 2. Practical Part and 3. Part References. The course RT&IA was implemented using ToolBook 4.0 and II. programme packages. The very important part of the RT&IA courseware is the used feedback facilities. The feedback consist of five feedback loops, which are desired to evaluate course quality, student progress and teaching statistics. The proposed paper will be denoted to detail description of the course scenario, and used feedback architecture, as well as, the results obtained in practical testing of the courseware in the MSc. and PhD. courses will be presented.